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Our mobile application development scope

n today’s mobile-first world, your business will benefit from unparalleled app development services that prioritize the user experience. As a mobile application development company with years of experience within the industry, we help clients achieve just that by bringing your consumer’s web experience to mobile devices.

IPhone App Development Services

We are a full-service website design and development agency committed to meeting your unique needs. Whether you need a business, e-commerce, portfolio or blog site, we have what it takes to ensure you attract visitors to your website, keep them there long enough to discover your unique offering, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

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Android App Development Services

Many of our intuitive Android apps have found a home right in the chart-topping ranks of the Google Play Store. Founded on the latest frameworks and design guidelines, our Android apps are reactive, scalable, and reliable. Whether you are looking to expand your existing apps or provide cross-platform integration, our mobile app development services can help you reach a wider user base.

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Hybrid App Development Services

We build hybrid apps with multiplatform capability, giving your company better reach. By creating one app and database for use on a variety of platforms, you can keep your mobile app development cost lower, avoid the stress of extra development processes, and easily scale your business on other platforms.

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Progressive Web App Development Services

PWA’s are an emerging type of application that cleverly combines the accessibility of a website with the functionality of a native app. By running on web browsers, they open your app up to improved discoverability through SEO. By opting for a PWA, you benefit from a more cost-effective digital solution, faster app development, and high-quality functionality. Our progressive web apps have produced impressive results and boosted our clients’ competitiveness in the digital market.

Mobile App Development Consulting Services

Not sure whether you need a native or hybrid app? Take advantage of our app development consultation services to ensure you maximize your ROI and smash your business objectives. Our experts use data-driven solutions to offer guidance and add value to your offering.

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Industries We Serve

Our extensive experience developing bespoke mobile apps spans across numerous sectors. No matter how large or small your business, or the complexity of your requirements, you can rest assured that we have dedicated developers with the skills and technical know-how to build high-powered solutions in your specific industry. This includes the verticals below.

FinTech & Cryptocurrency

We specialize in:

  • Blockchain ecosystems

  • Cryptocurrency exchange platforms

  • Cryptocurrency mobile wallets

  • Decentralized app (dApp) development

Retail & E-Commerce

We deliver:

  • Full-scale e-commerce solutions

  • AI-driven shopping list platforms

  • Smart retail apps powered by NFC technology

  • Customer experience enhancement solutions

  • IoT solutions for device and sensor management

Lifestyle & Travel

We develop:

  • 360° virtual reality (VR) tour platforms

  • Dedicated loyalty apps

  • Travel planning and scheduling tools

  • AI-powered recommendations services

Gaming & Entertainment

We build:

  • Unity, Cocos2D-x, and Unreal Engine games

  • Smart contract-powered strategy games

  • Role-playing games (RPG)

  • Social gaming platforms

  • Betting platforms

Logistics & Distribution

We design:

  • Supply chain management systems

  • Cargo and fleet management solutions

  • Document management tools

  • GPS routing and navigation platforms


We create:

  • Audiovisual conferencing solitons

  • Performance tracking and evaluation apps

  • Collaboration and feedback exchange

  • Interactive tutorials

  • Content management systems (CMS)

Healthcare & Medicine

We produce:

  • mHealth (mobile healthcare) apps

  • Telemedicine solutions

  • Supply chain tracking platforms

  • Remote patient monitoring apps

  • EHR (electronic health record) platforms

  • AI-enabled diagnostic imaging solutions

Social Networking & Telecommunications

We launch:

  • Digital contract and data storage platforms

  • Social media influencer apps

  • Image sharing platforms

  • Real-time communication (RTC) solutions

Our Success Stories

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Enhance your brand with intuitive apps customers love

Today’s customers demand the ability to interact with your business as and when needed, and in the most convenient way. That means not only on the web, but on mobile devices too. As a leading mobile app development agency, we build custom mobile apps for any major OS (operating system) including Android, iOS, and Windows, so you can deliver seamless user experiences that maximize conversions.

Whether you are looking to build native apps to harness device-specific hardware, hybrid apps to save on cost, or are unsure of which will most benefit your business; our mobile app experts are on board to guide you through the process.

We develop websites for all leading platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, to name a few.

What People Are Saying

Digital Marketing for Private Investment Firm

In a competitive market like crypto, there is a bunch of highly skilled professionals, but not all of them have amazing people skills and work ethic. Working with the Ninjas is a pleasure because they really adapt to the work dynamic of the client. Always ready for discussion and looking for the best solutions for the project even when the going gets rough. The way how they helped us meet some of the demanding deadlines was truly impressive.

Jacob Kappus

CMO Ultron Foundation

Digital Marketing for Software Development Company

A data-driven partner, NinjaPromo has taken the time to examine the client's branding, messaging, and positioning to develop strategies and content that match and provide valuable insights to further help them grow their business. They remain communicative, organized, and reliable.

Yury Rasolka

Chief Marketing Officer

Digital Marketing for DeFi Educational Portal

NinjaPromo’s work has improved brand messaging and helped increase sales by 210%. They’ve displayed top-notch project management and outstanding customer service — they go above and beyond to ensure the project’s success. Overall, they are flexible, accommodating, and proactive.

Charles Ellingsen

CEO & Founder

Digital Marketing for Decentralized Financing Platform

Internal stakeholders are pleased with NinjaPromo.io's attention to detail. The team delivers quality work while adhering to deadlines. Their wealth of knowledge sets them apart from other agencies.

Christophe Ozcan

Chief Executive Officer

Social Media Management for Medical Technology Company

Although the partnership is still ongoing, the company now enjoys a 300% boost in engagement rate, and 120 leads have already been generated in just one month. The team exhibits strong knowledge in their field and they are always open to having conversations that can improve the project.

Melissa Orlova

Business Development Manager

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Our Steps For Mobile App Success


Project Discovery

We take the time to understand your unique project requirements before conducting some research to start developing a strategic roadmap that leads to your goals.


Prototyping & MVP

We create prototypes to quickly test your native or hybrid app idea, then produce an MVP version with core features & user-friendly functionality that’ll enable you to validate the app before full production.


Full Development & QA

With the green light to do what they do best, our expert developers build your full mobile app, ensuring it passes all QA testing with all the necessary fine-tuning for optimal performance.


Launch & Ongoing Support

It’s time for lift-off. Once we’ve taken care of app store submission, your app is ready for launch on your chosen OS.

We remain available for ongoing support to ensure you’re always getting the most from your app.

Deliver the exceptional experiences your customers deserve through high-powered and intuitive mobile app

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Custom Mobile App Specialists

Whether you’re still at the ideation stage, in the middle of your app development, or already have a working solution that requires some improvements, our expert development team can help.

Blockchain & Cryptography

From mobile crypto wallets to mobile stock market solutions and smart contract-enabled apps, we’re well versed in the area of blockchain & cryptography development.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Our expertise in augmented & mixed reality development spans across GPS and marker-based apps, extra layer maps and wayfinding solutions, as well as vivid 3D mobile games.


Leverage our unrivaled IoT experience for the development of cutting-edge solutions including personal security wearable apps, smart home and smart factory apps, and smart retail and supply chain products.

BLE & iBeacon

We’re leading providers of BLE and iBeacon solutions. We cater to everything from motion tracking software to device tracking and counting apps, as well as near-field communication (NFC) apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The question about mobile app development cost is always a tricky one because there’s no single best answer. The cost depends on the scope of your mobile app, which depends on your desired objectives. In order to get the optimum ROI, you will need to make an investment that gives us the flexibility to deliver a dynamic high-performance mobile application. Get in touch with our expert mobile app development team to discuss prices and receive a tailored quote.

How much time does it take to develop a mobile application?

With years of experience combined with the efficiency of world-class app development tools, our mobile app development processes are becoming increasingly streamlined. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure you receive your product in a timely manner, without compromising on quality. The time it takes to produce your masterpiece will depend on the scope of your individual project, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Please get in touch with our friendly mobile development agency to discuss timelines.

What features can be integrated into mobile apps?

With so many mobile applications to compete with on app stores, it is essential that yours is unique, eye-catching, and highly functional. Apart from ensuring your content is dynamic, we consider features such as social integration, location tracking, AI, voice search, push notifications, customization options, payment ability, and secure access. We use the latest tech innovations to deliver progressive digital products that delight both you and your customers.

Which mobile app development platform should I use?

If you’re looking to get started with mobile app development, a platform provider can give you a simplified solution for your needs. While every platform will have unique features, make sure you’re looking out for one that provides a suite of tools that enable you to design, test, optimize, launch, and maintain your app. The current game changers include Flutter, Xamarin, React, Kotlin, Native, Swift, Objective-C and Java.

What mobile app development best practices do you follow?

Our app development process is a rigorous one. We start off with a comprehensive discovery stage and audit that lays the foundation for a focused strategic plan. Our expert team excels at building intuitive navigation, providing robust security measures, decluttering interfaces and enhancing the user experience. We take pride in our user-focused approach that demands consistent testing and performance monitoring to ensure your users keep coming back for more.

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